Official website. Even though the premise is kind of the same as "S.W.A.T. (2003) and after watching the final scene of "Drug War" 2012) from China, where I felt that I wasted my time and was cheated; Shield of Straw" was different. First, it will get the best of your curiosity, then it will become absorbent of your own feelings and moral values. And If you become so involved with the movie (as I do sometimes) you may be wanting to kill "Kiyomaru" even if you don't get the billion, let's make three billion (if the subtitles where accurate. And here is where I see one of the flaws, because we know that one way or another "Kiyomaru" won't live to enjoy his psychotic killer instinct toward innocent lives.
A movie critic argued that the billionaire "Ninagawa. should have been arrested straight away" but that would have been more unsatisfactory than the convoluted ending; besides let's not forget that the money was spinning heads left and right! Cops from all levels were involved, mobs, bystanders, and anyone willing to help in murdering the bad guy.
The movie certainly has plot holes but it doesn't intend in any way to be remembered for being smart, and if you disregard logic a little bit, it will get your attention for its acting and pace and because it has the elements that "S.W.A.T" never had even with the frenetic shootings, explosions, and car chases.
I understand that opinions will be divided, and I don't believe that anyone will come with the perfect way to end this film, because irony is just a big part of it.
Overall,this Japanese film delivers and entertains and I would certainly recommend it, after that is up to you to hate or like my opinion or the film.







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