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It had some pretty good jokes. But not really a story line or a pattern to follow. Read' m'or'e" on&the` pa~ge& Jerry&Before&Seinfeld Jerry*Before*Seinfeld*movie*putlockers... Jerry Seinfeld was never funny, that's a fact. His sitcom was funny because Larry David and several other people who are actually funny wrote it. That's how the industry works. Only the worst comedians can have success on television. Romano, Leno, Degeneres, O'Donnell, Roseanne, I could list them all day. Can you name a good comedian who had a sitcom last more than one season? No you can't. If you are surprised this special isn't funny, you haven't been paying attention to life.

Found*there*Jerry*Before 'Found Jerry Before' Jerry Before Seinfeld English Full Movie...