Lebih keren penjahatnya. It not TENET. The movie must be based on mirror events it TEN &TEN. A new Nolan movie? It's about time. If it gets as far as video/dvd I'd be happy, personally! A lot of films get nowhere near that. 1989 - Raja Chinna Roja. The Academy : We dont understand your movies Nolan : Dont try to understand it, feel it. Academy: we can't understand your movies Nolan: Don't try to understand it, feel it. So basically stuff happens like a palindrome. the word 'tenet' is.


Congratulations RAW on a brilliant trailer, cant wait to watch the film now. I'm waiting talaivar movie... Remember the episode of family guy when Brian broke Stewie's time machine and suddely the time get backward. But everyone can speak properly. The movie is just like that. I walk by Molly's grave all the time. How many of you repeatedly saw the trailer? 👇 here is the number.





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