All the Wild Horses with George Azarias





Where ALL THE WILD HORSES... Superbly done! I felt captivated from the start. This film does a great job of following race contestants, and feeling connected to such an otherworldly place. I felt like a virtual participant in a great adventure. I was fully entertained from start to finish. What more can you ask of a film? Mongolia is now a destination on my bucket list.

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An astonishingly beautiful and amazingly done film. Maloh manages to capture the drama, tension and ambition of the race but also the vulnerability of some of the participants. Always subtle, he hints at the different experiences that led them to take up the challenge. The interactions between the racers and Mongolians are marked by polite awkwardness, which Maloh's camera catches with subtlety but without judgement. It's great to see a film that moves fast and keeps you on the edge of your seat but, at the same time, manages to truly engage with its characters and give them time to develop before your eyes. Brilliant.