No Weapon Shall Prosper




To read [ behind the scenes. Watch NO WEAPON SHALL PROSPER full movie camrip Watch No Weapon Shall Prosper full movie download in english. Reasons why this film is not getting full stars
I'm not a Christian to be honest,but I do realise that some people need something to believe in so I am not going to knock anybody's faith.
It is full of plot holes, has a very sparse script and the story doesn't flow from scene to scene. In some parts, it feels more like watching the synopsis of a film or a very long trailer for a film
I've viewed a huge number of very low budget movies. This does have a 'get your friends and family together and shoot a movie'feel. I'm assuming that the budget for the movie was sourced in a similar way.
Some characters just appeared without any explanation: were they supposed to be br> Other characters just seemed redundant (the two women on the story did they tell?
The set for the movie felt very 'lets do it over at your house'
Okay. having said all of that
* The acting was very decent * They used every penny for as much as they could * The message is a good one. the story is something that a lot of people all over the world will be able to relate to,
I think we all need to watch more of these down to earth films once in a while: no explosions, no cgi, no sound effects, no loud music, no professional make up artists and hair stylists and wardrobe stylists,no graphic depictions of sex and blood and guts flying everywhere. It feels more alive somehow.
8/10 is for effort - an effort was made here and that should be commended. I enjoyed the film, its about domestic violence (although it could be related to a lot of other things)and the choices people make along their journey in life.