A Shack of Lies


Seems like a rip off of what dreams may come. Superb. I saw the movie today. Here is my review. Go see the movie no matter who you are. Since Gerard Butler in it it should be Family has Fallen! jokes aside it looks very good and i'm excited to watch it. A SHACK of les. The book is so amazing. Hahahahahah. Sam Worthington. Good one. The feels. A SHACK OF liesse. I thought the title said The Wizard of Oz. Every movie Robert DeNiro starts in becomes a phenomenon 👌.


Just because of you holier than thou Christians yelling foul things, don't you realize anyone who is on the fence, your constant berating will do nothing but make them watch it. Why don't you try talking to people like they are people, rather than blabbing on nonstop about blasphemy this, New Age that, pure assault on those who don't have the same beliefs? You do no good to yourself or those people. Non believers don't want attacked. Non believers don't want scripture thrown at them. Non believers don't give 2 shits about your scripture from a book they consider a book of fairy tales. If you want to convert someone into a believer, you do it by talking to them. Telling them why you believe the way you do. Because I'm sorry, but the bible says THIS so you have to believe it or you will burn for eternity. Does NOT work. Know what that will do to a non believer? Have them shut you out, have them leave the conversation, or have them shut you up. NO ONE likes being attacked and talked down Maybe talk to them how you would want someone to talk to you. And if you are a complete asshole and would want someone to berate you, do the fucking opposite.

I still even watch the first season over and over again like a addiction. My family will over hear me watching it and the minute they hear the opening music. they are like really Brianna are you serious? Lol they just say aren't you done with this series by now. Who else loves this movie? 😇. Awesome movie, really touched my heart. I rarely cry but this movie is soo good and i must say god is really good. love you jesus. Hardly any good movies anymore. This one was awesome! Ridley Scott great producer. Leo DiCaprio and Russ Crowe were spectacular. Thank everybody for this great masterpiece. Fiction based in truth. A shack of lies. I know how this ends. Such an amazing movie. Brought some breakthrough in my life.

Remember when this guy was in every single blockbuster for like a year




WHERE IS THIS MOVIE. We deserve it 😖. Fuckk yaa... can't wait for this one any longer 💙. Its crazy that they're still bringing up pac and big to this day. Legends. For Christmas, please please PLEASE do this movie called Homeless for the Holidays. You'll enjoy it. Hollywood: Let me just take a dump on your favorite book real quick. Me: Stop... Since Trump launched the attack I am no longer boycotting De Niro, I LL GO WATCH IT.

Pretty powerful movie. Watched this in 3rd world culture class, and enjoyed it. Sadly I looked around and some people had their heads down... I'm reading the book. I've called Jesus Jesu baba in my language since I was a little child. It basically means, Jesu(Jesus) baba(father.