Women. Doing something men achieved 100 years ago. Cooper is back.


You were on bammo. Fain video. I miss them 😭😭😭😢. Man. I want to donate so badly coz I want to help to hopefully help save someone's life and have great effects on Henry danger but that comes after everything else. The only problem is that I dont have any money to give coz I'm a kid. I hope that we can hopefully raise enough money for Tom before it's too late. I've seen so many of these for people who were big parts of my TV loving life and we couldn't raise enough in time but I dont want that to happen again. Best of luck from me to Tom and his family.

Captain man nothing can hurt you youre indistructble. Hey cutey😘😍💑💏💖💗💙❤💜💓💟💞💝💕. Relevant. Oh, I'm hoping for a son. Pause ) Plenty of time for daughters later. Mister ice shirt xD.