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Hey everyone! If youve been around here long enough, you might remember me. I used to be the discography guy for this sub, but I havent been for a long time now. I made this playlist, which to my knowledge is the most popular archive/playlist of Xs discography on the whole internet. me_alyv/sets/every-xxxtentacion-song I hadnt updated it in months, but I saw the post u/MetroBS made and I wanted to update it. So for anyone who has it liked already, rest assure.


Am I the ONLY one that sees NO evidence of the alleged drama/hate from BTS fans. Official English live streaming on the 5th of December! Schedule: December 19th at 4:00 PM PST * Join Desperado and Nue as they take you through the world of Orbis. Livestream Link. Real-time arena discussion with influencers (Ft. Mango7, xSkyKing, ShotgunShogun, OnceinLuv. Stream Vod. General thoughts on PvP (Arena. Check stove for official statement regarding current Epic pass. (No current plans to ch.