Good movie, but he could have stoned that guy to death, i mean seriously when he was on top of the hill he could see him down he could have hit him with a stone, also in the ending he could have gone back to the truck to repair it or loot it for supplies. I like this better with darude sandstorm. One of the BEST films I`ve ever seen. GREAT. This is one of the greatest movies i have ever in the end in real life if i wear gurdo i would turcher and kill because it is a movie they dont like you to get any ideas.(great movie. While everyone in the comment section is making this a race propaganda just looks the world's dangerous game sort of story, which I'm kind of excited for.

THIS MOVIE SUCKED. Can everyone stop talking about real life and just acknowledge how well made this movie is. خوش فلم اني من العراق. Please anyone give me the movie link. Is it just me or has the movie industry forgotten how to make trailers that don't show everything that happens. Wolf Creek 3. Excellent movie. Came here after Red Dead Redemption 2. Excellent. If you were trying to make an anti-white propaganda film with Hispanics as the target audience, how would it not be this film. Make love no walls. Revenant 2.